Fleet management
Take control of your company cars

Be in complete control of your company cars or rental vehicles. Riiport is developed for companies with car fleet, small or more extensive ones.

Fully automatic driverís log - that is updated in real time via wireless communication.

Diagnostic trouble codes - inform you if something is wrong with a car in the fleet.

The company receives a correct view of the entire car fleet. No more ineffective use of the company cars and no more unnecessary costs for car maintenance Ė the whole fleet is administrated through one website Ė www.riiport.com.

The amount of time spent on writing a driverís log can be time-consuming and your memory might sometimes be lacking. Plenty of the staff members are often involved and valuable time is being wasted on administrating driverís log instead of effective working time. Riiport is the solution for your company Ė get more valuable time and reduce your costs for car maintenance.

Riiport gives you the most powerful driverís log existing at the market. You also get the opportunity to see when something is wrong with a car.

Riiport is equipped with a special unit that makes it easier for you to declare business or private miles directly in the car. You easily switch between a red or green light depending on if you have a business or private trip.
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