Driver's log
Take control of the entire fleet. Riiport is the most powerful driver’s log at the market.

Riiport delivers a complete driver’s log where information about the journey is updated in real time – all important information about the car and the driver’s log is gathered at

• Time for start and stop
• Odometer readout, distance driven
• Fuel tank level
• Service information
• Business or private trip – choose in the car

The car owner has the possibility to add journeys and to separate them. The Riiport user also has the option to export the driver’s log to Excel and pdf.

To decrease the workload when typing text to each journey, Riiport is equipped with the function pre-chosen destination. Pre-chosen destination is run by time and date.

For example, all journeys that covers a distance of 1-5 miles between 8:15 and 8:45 during weekdays are trips to the office.

Another example, all journeys, regardless of distance or time, during Saturday and Sunday are marked as private.

The pre-chosen destinations can easily be edited in the same way as all the information in the journal.

There is a possibility to be reminded of your latest journeys while they still are fresh in mind. You can choose to be reminded on a specific day of the week or after a specific number of made journeys. Depending on your settings you will get an e-mail containing a direct link to your latest journeys. If you follow this link you will be able to control and edit these journeys.

Information delivered by Riiport should be seen as a foundation that sometimes may need complement due to poor GSM-coverage. The information will be delayed until sufficient GSM-coverage is reached.