Be at the top, give better service to your customers and get a more effective work load. Choose Riiport.

Login to to see which cars in your district that have diagnostic trouble codes or are in need of maintenance.

All automobile workshops, small or bigger ones, now get the opportunity to challenge competitors and offer more tailor-made solutions for customers. Riiport is a newly developed product at the market that is developed by Swedish BSR, known for tuning and ethanol conversion.

Riiport is a diagnostic tool - that reads manufacturer specific trouble codes and is updated in real time through GPRS. Information is available for you as automobile workshop and includes data about the car, district, service intervals and trouble codes.

Maybe it is time to send a special offer to a customer? Riiport gives you the possibility to be a step ahead and offer better prices and better services than your competitors.

Riiport consists of a driver's log that is easily connected to the OBD-II outlet. All cars produced after 1996 are equipped with the OBD-II outlet. Communication between the module and the vehicle is transmitted via the CAN-bus and K-line. The unit communicates via GPRS, over GSM and it can also present pre-chosen information.

- Give the customer service in the right time
- Create a more effective work load
- Increase incomes by working more effectively with customer
- Get a complete view of all the vehicles
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